ATL Collective

– Digital Marketing Strategy
– Social Media Marketing

ATL Collective curates one-of-a-kind immersive concert experiences in the Atlanta area that spotlight a diverse array of incredible local and national musicians. Since the Collective's inception 10 years ago, ATL Collective has hosted countless shows in Atlanta's venues and continues to be a celebration of music in its purest form. By recreating and celebrating the greats of the past, ATL Collective discovers and fosters the greats of tomorrow.

From June 2017-August 2018 we worked with ATL Collective and their partners to create a cross-platform promotional strategy that resulted in sold out events, exponential social growth, and new partnership opportunities. We work directly with ATL Collective's lineup of artists to develop engaging content for their platforms, consciously creating thematic campaigns that capture the essence of each event and the album it celebrated. While we managed their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter during our engagement period, the majority of our strategy focused on Instagram.


Our work with ATL Collective to amplify their Instagram focused on creating campaigns specific to each album, optimizing advertising spend, while working with the internal design and copywriting team, and deploying engaging organic content that:

follower-growth (12).png
  • Earned 410.2k impressions on Instagram (more than doubling impressions as compared to the previous period)

  • Gained 1.1K followers on Instagram with minimal paid ads

  • Increased their average engagement rate per post by 36.2% (from 1.55% to 2.1%)

  • Increased reach by 130% (from 98,931 to 227,075)

  • More than doubled the amount of average likes and comments received per post

  • Increased clicks to their website by 292% (from 365 in the previous period to 1,429)

  • Implemented Instagram Story strategy and saw a 94.47% average completion rate, 2.90% reach rate, and 32.5k impressions


Instagram amplification directly led to ATL Collective's success with ticketing for their events while also introducing Atlanta residents to up and coming artists in our community.


Facebook saw similar success with total page likes consistently climbing, an increase in post engagement, and climbing overall reach. Our Facebook strategy for ATL Collective:

  • Earned 211.9k impressions on Facebook

  • Increased post reach by 2,585.86% (from 3,098 to 83,208 in February-May 2018)

  • Grew post engagement by 13%

  • Increased post clicks by 30%

  • Increased overall engagement rate on the page from fans and non-fans by 27%

fb-fan-growth (7).png

"Her contributions have helped our on-stage voice match our off-stage one, by way of social engagement."

Sarah has helped us grow our social media impact significantly, helping us get intentional about what we’re messaging while providing an excellent eye for detail on the back end. Her contributions have helped our on-stage voice match our off-stage one, by way of social engagement. In doing so, she has been invaluable in helping our business grow in 2017-2018.

– Micah Dalton, Co-Founder