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Corkcentric is a luxury fashion brand that creates natural, environmentally friendly handbags made from the Earth, for the Earth. Their ethically sourced cork material is biodegradable, renewable, recyclable, zero waste and even helps to preserve the environment while creating well-paying jobs for workers. Corkcentric is on a mission to help save tomorrow, starting today.


"Sarah has been, and continues to be, amazing to work with throughout the process of building our brand."

Whether that includes creating a beautiful, fluid and easy to navigate website, recommending best practices when it comes to social media and content, coaching us through some of the tougher decisions we've gotten stuck on or just being an all-around wonderful person. Her process is top notch, her business acumen is tremendous and her intuition in bringing a brand or product to market is unrivaled. She's wise beyond her years and uses time-tested tactics to grow our brand everyday while also being on the forefront of how the space is changing and seeing the most likely path to success moving forward. Put simply, you can't afford not to work with her.