Signature Service Offerings

Connect & convert you ideal clients into customers with a carefully crafted Squarespace website, brand identity design, & time-tested business growth strategies that work.


Custom Squarespace Web Design

Establish your online presence with a custom website for your business, blog, shop, or organization on our platform of choice – Squarespace. This platform allows for all the custom details you deserve with an easy to use, user-friendly interface that gives you complete control over your web presence post-project. After your site is launched, we will dive deep into the tools and training you need to maintain your site as your business grows. Site design pricing is dependent on the features and customization needed but typically begins at $4,250.00 for our signature package. Please inquire for a custom quote.


– Discovery Call
– Site-Design Questionnaire
– Mockup Design Stage
– Two Rounds of Revisions
– One Strategy Call (30 mins)
– Post-project Training
– 20% off your first year of Squarespace

Please inquire for full pricing.


This is a six week process. If you have a complex site, or need e-commerce functionality we will adjust as needed in your quote.

Squarespace Web Design Deliverables

– Web Design for 5 Pages*
– Custom CSS Design
– Responsive Mobile Design
– Domain Transfer/Set-Up
– Google Apps Integration
– Training Videos

* Price does not include Squarespace fees
* Please inquire for a custom quote for your e-commerce shop.



Squarespace Design FAQs

Why is Squarespace your platform of choice?

I believe that Squarespace is the best platform out there for businesses in the modern age. It allows for completely flexibility, mobile responsiveness, and has an extremely user-friendly design that makes edits super easy. Squarespace allows you to retain control of your site forever vs. being chained to a designer or stuck on recurring maintenance plans!

Do you work on other platforms?

At this time, I only offer Squarespace Web Design and do not work on other platforms (ie. Shopify, Wordpress, etc).

What’s the investment?

Pricing is determined by the scope of your project, but average client investment is about 4-7k.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payments are broken into three parts. A deposit upon booking is required to secure your space in my calendar with two subsequent payments throughout our design process. If you require a different payment plant, we can discuss our options upon booking.

Do I need to move my domain to Squarespace?

You can keep your domain where it is or we can transfer it over to Squarespace. Either way, I will assist you with setting up your domain with your new site.

Do you include copywriting or SEO writing and implementation?

Copy, Content, and SEO are not included in our signature package. However, we provide you with resources and guidance to make this part of the project a breeze.

Will you reformat all of my existing blog posts to fit the new design?

For every site, formatting for up to 10 blog posts are included in the site design. If you need more formatted, I will quote it on an hourly basis.

Will you add all of my products to my shop?

This is not included in the site design. I will teach you how to add your products to your shop on your own. If you would like me to manage this for you, I will quote it on an hourly basis.


Brand Identity Design

Share your brand with confidence through carefully crafted branding that represents who you are, tells your story, and grows with your business. Throughout our process, we will work one-on-one with you to clarify your brand, identify your ideal customer, and articulate your mission and purpose into a visual identity completely unique to you. Brand Identity Design pricing is quoted on a per-project basis but begins at $2,275.00 for our signature package. Please inquire for a custom quote.


– Discovery Call
– In-Depth Brand Questionnaire
– Brand Strategy & Analysis
– Two Revision Periods
– One Additional Strategy Call (30 mins)

Please inquire for full pricing.


This is a five week process.

Brand Design Deliverables

– Mood Board Design
– Primary & Secondary Logo
– Submarks
– Custom Color Palette
– Typography Selection
– Full Brand Guidelines PDF
– Designs for Two Collateral Items (Print or Digital)


– Additional Print/Digital Design


One-on-One Business Coaching

Let me guess…you’ve felt a deep calling in your heart to Do work that you absolutely love.

Maybe you're the leader of a nonprofit, small business owner, or a creative soul selling handmade products online. You know you want to do purpose-filled work but you don't know where to start! You're totally overwhelmed by all that it takes to start a business...branding? Web design? Social media marketing?! Talk about information overload!

Or maybe you've been doing this for a while and things just aren't going the way you've hoped. You have an idea of who could benefit from your work but you aren't sure exactly how to reach them in today's digital age. You feel stuck and keep finding yourself asking the same questions:

  • How do I market myself better and reach more people to create a sustainable financial future?

  • How can I really help people with the work that I am doing?

  • What am I missing here?

Trust me, I have been in your shoes! As have many of the clients that I have worked with over the years. Through my unique coaching process geared towards heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you, we will take a deep dive into your business to help you build strong foundations that help you thrive.

My approach to coaching is tailored specific to you and your business, no matter what stage of growth you are in. No two businesses are the same and you deserve insight that works for you – One size does not fit all!

In our coaching sessions, we will get to the heart of your goals for your business and create personalized solutions to help you clarify your purpose, create efficient processes, and build strategies that will grow your business. While one-on-one discussions will lead our work together, we may also refer to questionnaires, create strategic timelines, and dive into analytics that result in a clear action plan for you to follow.

Coaching Discovery Session

A one-hour focused conversation around a single topic including guidance and next steps. 

Receive direct advice in this dense one-hour session where I answer questions on any topic of your choosing. In this session, I will help you clarify issues and create solutions so that you can move forward with confidence and a step-by-step action plan. The exchange for each hourly session is $95.00.

Topics we can explore include:

– Leaving your corporate gig and start freelancing full-time
– Clarification on your brand and unique offerings
– Comprehensive brand evaluation (including review of your website, logo, fonts, and colors)
– Creating your service offerings and how to price them
– Social Media Marketing
– Basic Website Development
– Collaborative Copywriting
– Content Creation
– Email Marketing
And more!

During our session, I take detailed, organized notes and send them over as an action-based follow-up email to help you unlock the secrets to your success. These sessions are completed via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform that allows us to record your session so you can always reference back to it! After this session we can discuss additional coaching options and packages that help you reach your goals and grow your business.


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