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In partnership with 3 Owl Inc.

Taco Mac is the Southeast's neighborhood spot for world-class wings, sports, and endless craft on draft. It all started back in 1979 when a couple of guys from Buffalo, NY, made a pit stop in Atlanta and fell in love with the city and it's Southern hospitality. Thirty-nine years later, they're still serving their award-winning classics in locations all over Georgia and as far away as North Carolina and Tennessee. 


SC.Digital and 3 Owl Inc. partnered in April of 2018 to create a new digital marketing strategy that showcased Taco Mac's re-brand. Our goal is to establish each location as their neighborhood's spot for wings, sports, and beer. With 3 Owl producing branded graphics and copywriting and Sarah guiding the planning and execution of our strategy, we have seen significant growth not only in numbers, but growth in the brand's know, like, and trust factor.


Statistics from Iconosquare.

Statistics from Iconosquare.

In the first 90 days of social media amplification, our strategy for Taco Mac's Instagram:

  • Grew following by 1.2K users
  • Earned 173.9K impressions on Instagram (35.35% increase compared to the previous three months)
  • Reached 102.6K users on Instagram (68.7% increase compared to the previous three months)
  • Increased their average engagement rate per post by 1.79% (from 1.30% to 1.79%)
  • Gained 524 comments, an increase of 344.1%% (from 177 in the previous period to 524)
  • Had 193.7% more profile views compared to the previous period (from 3,642 profile views to 10,696 in 90 days)

When it comes to paid ads, our average CPM (cost per million impressions) was $4.99 with an average cost per result around $1.34. This is just a brief snapshot of our work with Taco Mac's Instagram! Visit their profile to see the results for yourself.


From April - June 2018, our strategy for Taco Mac's Facebook:

  • Earned 653.8K impressions on posts (183.86% increase compared to the previous three months)
  • Reached 488.3K unique users (222.05% increase compared to the previous three months)

  • Increased page engagement by 1,238.29% (page engagement increased from 1,003 in the previous three months to 13,423 during the current period)

  • Grew post engagement rate with fans by 204.15% (from 2.08% to 6.62% in three months)

  • Increased the average click rate per post on organic posts by 12.86% (from 72 average clicks per post to 99)

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fb-reach-distribution (4).png

"Working with Sarah on Taco Mac's social media has not only been a great experience, but an incredibly educational one."

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social media and she continues to make strong recommendations towards our strategy. She is also fantastic on the execution of our campaigns. We have seem transformational change in Taco Mac's social media accounts — it's reflected across their following, engagement and conversion rates. 

– David Feldman, Founder of 3 Owl Inc.